Friday, February 13, 2009

aku di kala sedikit emo...

"Are You In Love"

by poeticmo

Some say when you are you'll know
Others say when you are it'll show
Do you find yourself thinking of them all the time
Do you feel proud to say he or she is mine
Do you find yourself reaching for them at night
Do you desire them with all your might
Do you long for them like a fiend
When you're on bad terms does the pain burn in your spleen
When you feel it's almost over does your heart bleed
Cause you're losing what you feel your heart needs
When together do you feel total content
Does their smile tell you this is how your days should be spent
Do you get that tingly feeling all in your stomach
That feels like butterflies that just developed
Does the touch of their lips send chills down your spine
The kind that make you say oooooh I'm glad you're mine
Does the sincerity in their eyes thrill you
And make you feel alive
Does the tone of their voice
Make you feel you made the right choice
In intimacy when you both escalate
Do you pray the sweat and passion never dissipates
Do you pray a breakup is not in your fate
Does the touch of their skin
Make you think "Damn all my life where you been"
Does the sparkle in their eye
Make you feel to you they'll never lie
I think you're in love
The most beautifuliest thing to me
Is to see two people in harmony
It feels so good to be in love
And get love in return

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